Our Shop Process (2021 Edition)

Our Shop Process (2021 Edition)

Dustin Stout August 03, 2021

Editor's Note
This 2021 edition of the shop process has been a long time coming! We've been wanting to put this one out to the world for a while now. Why? Because this represents the growth of Stout House over the past year of our existence. We are so proud to host a community of three thousand plus moms and dads who are incredibly passionate about their kids and supporting one another. That's what Stout House is ultimately all about. We're here for one another. And now as 2021 is over halfway done and Stout House is becoming more and more solidified with a community of amazing supporters and family members, we thought it would be best to present an updated version of our shop process. We truly believe in being transparent and communicating. And we publish this blog occasionally now to make sure that any walls between the shop and the SH community is made entirely of glass. We love you all and we're super thankful for you. Here's to another great year!
Teracyn and I have always called this small creation of ours a project of love. We genuinely love what we do and we love supporting the hardworking parents who trust us with their orders. So, for us, when you purchase one of our hand-picked and custom designed products, join our Facebook group, ask questions, or contribute to our community, you’re becoming a part of our Stout House family. For us, you aren’t just ordering a product. You’re coming into a family of people who share so much in common. We love our kids, we love amazing products, we love affordability, we love sustainability, and most importantly, we love one another just like family. So, from myself and my amazing wife, I say welcome to the Stout House, and welcome to our family.

what happens when I checkout?

 I wanted to quickly take a moment to go through what happens when you click through and checkout on our website. It’s extremely important to us that we have complete clarity and transparency in our process, because you have trusted us with your order and your payment. We want you to understand what is happening behind the scenes.

 here is our process:

  • You complete your checkout
  • Our system notifies us and we print your packing list
  • If your packing list contains a “preorder” (meaning, the item is still in production and is not yet in our shop) item, it will be stacked in queue with all other preorder lists while we wait for our shipment to come in.
  • If your packing list only contains in-stock items, we will begin the work of fulfilling your order

what happens when my order is ready to be packed?

 When we have every item needed to complete your order, we go to work! First, we handwrite custom thank you notes. This is a bit of a process, but it is so important for us to say “thank you!!” to those who are supporting us. It’s an extra step that really helps us tell you how much we appreciate you. After that, we begin printing the shipping labels! We do all of this in house so that our local postal workers love us a little more. (lol) Once we have all of our shipping labels and thank you notes ready to go, Teracyn, Dustin, and the staff start picking and packing! We put your products in a bag or box along with your thank you note, packing slip, a fun sticker (if we have one), a piece of candy ('cuz who doesn't like candy?) and a scrunchy for the moms or long haired dads. The scrunchies, candies, and stickers are just another way for us to express how outrageously thankful we are for your order. Your bag or box will be closed and sealed with SH packing tape, the shipping label will be affixed with a fun sticker, and your order will be taken to the post office and then it’s off from there!

how exactly do your preorders work?

 When we do a preorder, there is a small process. First of all, if you aren’t already, I very much encourage you to join our facebook group, Stout House Cloth Diapers VIP. In that group begins the very first step to any preorder: We take suggestions. When a new “round” of diapers is about to kick off, we encourage everyone to submit any ideas and prints they would like to see on one of our diapers. This does two things: It gives us a great idea as to what our group is into, and it is a great way for everyone to be involved in the process!
We sort through all of the suggestions (there are typically thousands of submissions.. It’s an incredibly tough job. lol) and pick out around 50 prints to put up for a “vote”. The vote helps us gauge which prints are most popular among most of the members. From there, we select the most popular prints to move on to production.
Once the voting process is complete, the rubber begins to hit the road! We launch the preorder on our website, where everyone will have a week of "unlimited stock" to purchase their beloved items. The unlimited stock period is the only event that guarantees you will be able to purchase the diaper. After this period, we will place the order with our manufacturer and will then have a finite amount of diapers to sell, even at preorder, going forward. After the order is placed with the manufacturer, we will have to limit inventory and open it to everyone while supplies last!

why in the world does my order take so long to arrive?

 Well… To be completely frank, we aren’t Amazon. We have neither the high-tech systems nor the manpower to process and fulfill orders as quickly as most other larger companies.
 We are a mom and a dad with a one year old. I’m a School Bus Driver and Home Inspector, and Teracyn is an incredible stay at home mom. We love you all so much, but while we get off the ground, it’s just the two of us making all of the moving parts turn. So we do humbly ask that you place your order with the understanding that while we are working for you as hard as we possibly can, it could take a short while for your order to reach your doorstep. We thank you so much for understanding this!!
In order to best serve all of you, we are beginning to hire a small staff to help us with shipping, so going forward, we expect our shipping times to decrease! That's good news, but everything has a period of growth, including this.

The Subscription Box

We are unrolling a new product for the end of 2021! And we are so excited about it! Our subscription boxes are geared directly towards the parents of the little ones we love. Stout House as a brand is designed with little ones in mind. But as a community, we also love the parents of these little ones. We want to support and love the parents just as much as they support and love their kiddos. So we've created this box for you!
Our subscription boxes are set on a recurring charge and will ship quarterly. So, you will get four boxes per calendar year depending on when you subscribe.
Each quarter, we will be sourcing new and exciting things for you! They are things that we get excited about at Stout House, so we know you'll love them too. They'll include some Stout House exclusives, swag, and things that have nothing to do with Stout House at all but are incredibly cool!
Just like our other items, these will be curated, packed, and shipped by Stout House to ensure that you get the best service humanly possible.

 our gratitude

 We genuinely cannot stress enough how much your support means to us. We set out early on to create incredible cloth diapers that we ourselves would love to use, customize them with elegant, yet fun prints, and then provide them to others at a price that’s easily affordable. It is in our very heartbeat to support you as hardworking moms and dads, and it is a mission that we take very seriously.
So, as if it were enough, we say T H A N K Y O U for absolutely everything you’ve done for our little family. With every order you make, you are helping us achieve our dreams, you are helping us donate diapers to nonprofits in need, you are helping us spread the word about cloth diapering and the benefits involved, you are helping us continue to improve and create incredible products, and you are doing all of this while purchasing what we believe to be the best cloth diapers and related products on the market.
We love all of you and wish you well! Thank you for looking through a window into our process. I hope this was informative and helpful.
With all of our love,
The Stout's