Snow Is Flying, But We Have Our Mind on Spring

Snow Is Flying, But We Have Our Mind on Spring

Dustin Stout November 22, 2021

'Tis the season for peppermint mochas, egg nog, friends, family, crackling fires, and roasted chestnuts. We cannot believe that 2021 has come and gone in such a hurry and rush. The Fall is probably one of my favorite of the four seasons because it is a time for me to reflect and remember as the old begins the process of passing away, both figuratively and literally as I watch the trees grow dormant, the greenery fade away, and the cold set in. 

But what I love most about the Fall is envisioning what's to come. I love the knowledge that what has left will come around again, and the world will be mine to make of it what I choose. The trees will come alive, the flowers will bloom, and the sun will melt away the cold snow. Likewise, every single day I have the opportunity to begin again. And this time of year always reminds me of that. Every day, I get an opportunity to trim away the things in my life that are no longer needed or that have only served to bring me down. And so, every day, I can choose to be a better me than the me of yesterday. 

It's with this in mind, that Teracyn and I are so proud to introduce our Spring Collection for 2022. When I look at the beauty of the prints that Teracyn and our VIP Group have brought to the table, I'm awe struck. From the buzzing bees on "Busy" to the veggie garden beautifully displayed on "Green Thumb," and everything else in between, my mind cannot help but wander into the wonder of a new dawn, a new day, and a new opportunity to be the best me that I can be. And trust me, as a father, when I look at my beautiful son, being the best me, for him, is what I most want in life. 

We are absolutely in love with the prints that are up now for our Spring Preorder, and we know you will be too. These preorders really help us to make these beautiful prints come alive. They're a gauge on how much we should make, as well as an initial burst in capital to get them made. So, in other words, if it weren't for our preorder customers, we simply couldn't keep doing what we do. We love you all so much and are so thankful for you. We cannot wait to see these beauties be made and see them on the bums of your little ones. 

From ours to yours,

Happy Holidays!

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