Update: Fall Order

Update: Fall Order

Teracyn Stout September 15, 2021

Hey Fam!

I know it has been a while since I updated you on what is happening with the fall order. If you have been around Stout House for any time, it's pretty easy to notice that I am great with updates on our Facebook group but have struggled with learning how to keep everyone in the loop using email and other social media. I'm working on it, haha! So here's the first update of what I hope to become more regular communications from the Stout House to you all, the Stout Fam!

Fall Order Update

The Fall order, in many ways, is a massive turning point in our story as a Brand and as a Family. We decided to order a substantially more significant amount of product than ever before with the intention and desire to make sure our products were more readily accessible for a longer amount of time. It came with the necessity of shipping via sea instead of air because of the sheer volume of the order. It was risky, and because of that, we gave ourselves two extra months in the window of arrival to get the order in and shipped out earlier than our ETA. That is and has always been one of my primary goals is to get you all every product in perfect condition, incredibly fast, and with excellent customer service! But the virus had other plans...

I held off on this update because I had no idea where we were with information on the items until the ship docked in the United States. We now know that the cargo ship was detained for at least two weeks before leaving China due to the virus. Because shipping times are "flexible" with sea transit, I wasn't made aware of this. This delay should not have impacted our ETA, but US customs decided to seize the entire shipment and inspect it for reasons unknown. They have not reached out, and we will not have a FedEx number for the order until they allow it into the US. All of these things were entirely out of our control, and even with all of the preparations, we made this was not something we could have ever seen coming. 

Currently, we are waiting for it to be cleared, and from what little we know, it is our genuine hope that we will have the shipment within the next week. We are creating labels for these orders currently in anticipation of their arrivals. As soon as your order is scanned into the post office, you will receive an email to track it. 

Furthermore, we have several people waiting in the wings to helps us get all of these out as soon as the items arrive. I know that this is not the update anyone was hoping for, but please rest assured knowing we are doing EVERYTHING in our power to be as prepared as possible to get the preorders out to you in record time. 

I know that there are probably many questions about what all of this means and then some. So I will be going live in our Facebook group tonight at 8:30 EST to answer questions to the best of my ability. If you need anything from us concerning your order, please feel free to reach out. We will be doing our best to keep the entire Stout Family as up-to-date as possible until this is resolved. 

Thank you all for your support and understanding. The current situation is our worst business nightmare come true, so please bear with us while we overcome this! You all mean the world to us, and we will continue striving to exemplify our gratitude. 

All the Love, The Stout's